Barracuda Z-Led B-Lux Blue Universal Motorized Arrows

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Brand: Barracuda
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The Z-LEDs B-LUX are universally approved markers that use LED technology and represent the TOP of GAMMA offered by BARRACUDA
They are part of the BARRACUDA LUXURY PROJECT collection called B-LUX.
The Z-LEDs B-LUX are characterized by special and refined lines with elegant finishes with a futuristic design, with small dimensions.
The 5 colors are offered: BLACK, RED, SILVER, GOLD and BLUE.

BARRACUDA LED ARROWS are UNIVERSAL, APPROVED and compatible with all market motors.

Each bike is equipped with a specific plant that needs a proper adaptation:

  • 10 watt motors require 10 watts RESISTANCE for regular blinking and operation;
  • 21 watt motors require 21 watts RESISTANCE for regular blinking and operation;
  • The bikes with original LED plant do not need resistance;

These considerations are general and concern 99% of the bikes on the market, there are also special models of motorcycles that require technical adapters to be evaluated individually for technical specifications and for the regular operation we recommend professional technical support.To complete the AD HOC INSTALLATION we recommend the purchase of related products such as:

  • ARROW ADAPTER (necessary for mounting indicators on the structure of the bike);
  • RESISTANCE (see above)
  • CABLE ADAPTERS, (Needed for connecting the indicators to the original system without needing to make changes to the original cables or connectors);

The 5 colors are offered: BLACK, RED, SILVER,GOLD AND BLUE

Technical specifications
  • Reparto road
  • Colore Blue