Full Carbon Motorcycle Helmet X-Lite X-903 UC N-Com BACKSTREE 071 White Green Red

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It is the exclusive high-carbon content version of X-lite's new top-of-the-range full-face touring helmet. It is characterized by a sporty-inspired design and rich technical features, some of which are absolutely innovative. Extremely low weight and volume, cheek pad removal system in case of emergency, ultrawide visor, innovative visor mechanism with tilting function, exclusive magnetic visor assembly system (MVA - Magnetic Visor Assembly), VPS sunscreen, padding comfort interior Carbon Fitting Racing Experience (with innovative mesh construction), exclusive headphone position adjustment system (LPC - Liner Positioning Control) and provision for the new generation N-Com communication system, want to make X- 903 ULTRA CARBON the most exclusive full-face touring for the most demanding motorbike-tourist.

Data sheet:


  • Made of carbon fiber renowned for its impact resistance and lightness
  • Outer shell size: 3 (1st XXS-XS-SM | 2nd L | 3rd XL-XXL-3XL)
  • Multi-density EPS for optimized shock absorption (6 sizes xxs-xs | s | m | l | xl | xxl-3xl)
  • NERS system for quick removal of the cheek pads in an emergency
  • Closure with strap DOUBLE RING D.
  • Approval: Ece 22.05


  • Ultra wide angle clear visor offering a wide field of view
  • Pinlock lens included
  • Sun visor printed in VPS LEXAN ™ UV400 adjustable in different positions, equipped with automatic retraction system
  • MVA: Magnetic Visor Assembly allows the installation of the visor quickly via magnetic


  • 1 upper air intake allowing direct front ventilation
  • 1 air intakeon the chin guard
  • Extractor integrated in the spoiler to expel hot and stale air

Other characteristics:

  • Internal comfort padding: CARBON FITTING RACING EXPERIENCE, made with carbon filaments, antistatic and dissipative thermoregulator element.
  • The contoured cheek pads allow for a precise fit
  • EYEWEAR ADAPTIVE: System designed for the comfort of pilots who wear glasses.
  • LPC (Liner Positioning Control): Allows you to adjust the position of the headset, allowing you to change the position of the helmet on the head, adapting it to different needs and anatomical conformations.
  • Prepared and approved with the N-Com communication system B902 X series or B601 X series

Accessories / Spare Parts:

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