GIlet Airbag Universal Ixon IX-AIRBAG U03

Product code: Code: 100121001/1055
Brand: Ixon
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Ixon IX-AIRBAG Universal Airbag U03

Data sheet:

  • Universal airbag compatible with all motorcycle / scooter jackets and vests
  • Ultra fast detection and inflation in less than 55 milliseconds
  • automatic without cables or wires, with on-board algorithms
  • Material in stretch fabric, in addition to the internal 3D mesh network that ensures effective breathability.
  • Protection zones: Thorax, abdomen, vertebral column, cervical vertebrae, clavicles
  • Vest with CE certification according to the protocol of specialists issued by CRITT
  • Level 1 integrated back protector
  • It is available in five sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL.


S: 37-42 cm (waist length - shoulder)
M: 40-45 cm (waist length - shoulder)
L: 42-47 cm (waist length - shoulder)
XL: 42-47 cm (waist length - shoulder)
XXL: 42-47 cm (waist length - shoulder)

In-Box control unit:

  • The system works thanks to the activation of the In & box, (the brain of the system), which thanks to some sensors and on-board algorithms measures the position and movement of the motorcyclist 1,000 times per second, in order to detect a fall or an accident. activate the airbag before impact. All this, in less than 55 milliseconds.
  • The electronic device has 20 hours of battery life, is removable, and easy to recharge thanks to a mini-USB socket.
  • The activation of the In & box system will take place directly in the store and can be used free for 48 hours without registration. The definitive activation of the In & box protection system will take place through registration of the product, or through purchase (Classic formula) or rental of the system (Revolution formula).
  • This new mode of marketing offers the guarantee to the user to always have the best protection, thanks to the systematic and regular updating of the electronic system.
  • Further options will be available in the future, such as the track-based algorithm.

Manufacturer's Note:
The Ixon Airbag only works with the activated Control Unit, except for the first 48 hours. Once 48 hours have passed from the purchase, if not correctly activated / registered it will no longer be usable. Activation / registration can be performed in two different pack.

1 - Revolution Pack / In & Box control unit rental
Price: 12 euros / month or 120 euros / year
Included in the pack:

  • Updates and optimizations
  • Unlimited In & Box Controll Unit Warranty
  • In & Motion App for Ios and Android
  • Freedom to cancel the pack at any time (Do not use the bike, you can unsubscribe)
  • VIP service included. Assistance and replacement of the In & Box control unit in 72 hours in case of a problem.
  • Option to purchase after 3 years at 99 euros.

2 - Classic Pack/ Purchase of the In & Box control unit

Price: 399 euros

Included in the pack:

  • Updates and optimizations
  • 2 year In & Box control unit warranty
  • In & Motion App for Ios and Android