Integral Undersuit Racing Sixs STX RACING BLACK

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The SIXS Carbon Underwear full-face motorcycle underwear is the sports underwear that absolutely no motorcyclist who uses the leather suit can miss.

In addition to facilitating the wearing of outer garments (eg one-piece leather suit), the SIXS Carbon Underwear® fabric allows natural thermoregulation and preserves the skin from the accumulation of sweat even in the hottest periods.

The result is a pleasant sensation of dryness and freshness on the skin.

This product can also be used for other sports activities that require a single outer garment, such as diving or downhill skiing.

Data sheet:

  • To be worn directly in contact with the skin, under the motorcycle suit (or diving suit, ski suit)
  • Maximum sweat control, keeps the skin dry, counteracts the formation of bad odors
  • Suitable for all temperatures, it maintains the correct body thermoregulation
  • With elastic cuffs and ankles to facilitate wearing the outer garment


  • Antistatic System: The carbon thread isolates from the static electricity caused by the rubbing of the fabrics
  • Seamless technology:Seamless product for absolute comfort
  • Antibacterial Fiber: Prevents the formation of bad odors and annoying irritations due to accumulations of sweat and rubbing
  • Hydrophobic Wave: Brings moisture to the outside making it evaporate, skin always dry and constant thermoregulation
  • SPF 50: 50+ sun protection