Moto Cross Enduro Helmet Hjc i50 FLUX MC3HSF Opaque

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The new HJC off-road helmet has been designed to create ease and comfort for the rider in an aggressive and attractive design. A large repositioned opening optimizes downward visibility. The dual position of the mask adapts to the preferences of the pilot. The extended peak blocks sunlight and protects the pilot from debris and is flexible to allow the material to bend instead of breaking. The tool-free, interchangeable air vent allows for easy cleaning. The "ACS" Advanced Channeling Ventilation system allows efficient airflow to drain heat and humidity upwards and outwards, while the SuperCool® Interior keeps the rider cool thanks to the breathable and antibacterial fabric that it is removable and washable. The I 50 is equipped with SLID (Sliding Layer Impact Distribution), the HJC impact distribution technology.

Data sheet:

Shell / Safety:

  • Advanced Polycarbonate shell: light and comfortable thanks to the use of CAD technology in the design phase.
  • Cup size number: 2 (1st xs-sm | 2nd l-xl-2xl)
  • Approval: ECE 22.05 Tests include energy attenuation, penetration resistance, structural integrity of the chin guard and labeling requirements for street motorcycle helmets
  • Strap: Double D ring
  • Weight from: 1415 gr +/- 50gr


  • SLID: (Comparable to MIPS) The latest innovation is SLID (Sliding Layer Impact Distribution) technology, HJC, which can help reduce rotational acceleration in the event of an accident.
  • Wide field of vision offers maximum visibility and increased safety
  • Double position for the mask bandages for a perfect fit
  • Largely sized chin guard allows the rider to breathe comfortably
  • Aerodynamic and adjustable visor: reduces effort at high speed
  • Compatible with cervical protectors


  • SuperCool Interior: The Supercool interior keeps the rider cool with a breathable and antibacterial fabric.
  • Removable interior
  • The grooves of the glasses can accommodate motorcyclists who wear glasses.


  • 9 vents
  • 4 evacuation channels to keep the head cool
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