Sixs TS3W CU Thermal Underwear with Copper Fiber

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Brand: Sixs
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Designed for sports in low temperature conditions (below 5 ° C): it allows the athlete not to waste precious energy to warm the body. In these conditions it is essential to wear an "enhanced" product that manages body temperature, transporting any sweat outside, without absorbing it.

The peculiarity of the BlazeFit fabric is the introduction of copper yarn in the mix of materials. The high thermal conductivity of copper accelerates the evaporation process of sweat, reduces moisture in the skin and allows you to maintain a constant body temperature.

Data sheet:

  • BlazeFit fabric with copper fiber
  • Suitable for all sports practiced in low temperature conditions
  • To be worn directly in contact with the skin, under normal sportswear
  • Maximum sweat control, keeps the skin dry, counteracts the formation of bad odors
  • Maintains proper body thermoregulation
  • Collection: Underwear Warm CU
  • Temperature: Cold -10 ° / + 5 °


  • Antistatic System: The carbon thread isolates fromstatic electricity caused by rubbing of fabrics
  • Seamless technology: Seamless product for absolute comfort
  • Antibacterial Fiber: Prevents the formation of bad odors and annoying irritations due to accumulations of sweat and rubbing
  • Hydrophobic Wave: Brings moisture to the outside making it evaporate, skin always dry and constant thermoregulation
  • SPF 50: 50+ sun protection