Technical plantar insole Anti-Shock Sixs

Brand: Sixs
Division: cross enduro - road
brands: unisex
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With nearly 25 years of experience and expertise in the field of shock and shock absorption of the shock waves, in partnership with health professionals, constantly attentive to incorporate the needs of all, and to respond to a growing demand, NOENE has designed and manufactured the first Anti-Shock System Shock absorbing to be included in athletic footwear.
Through the use of Anti-Shock System Shock absorbing distributed by SIXS, one can easily see the reduction of at least 90% of the vibrations to which the foot is subjected during use of the bicycle or motorcycle, as well as running or skiing.
A few million users are already familiar with the virtues and exceptional cushioning system NOENE and its effectiveness in the fight against the evils that result from exposure to vibration.The system NOENE is also an innovation created especially for those who already use an orthotic correction of posture.
To use this Anti-Shock System Shock absorbing just slide it under the insole or footbed in use. perfect for use on the road and not of motorcycles and bicycles but is also ideal under or inside the shoe, ski or other sports where, with active movement, they produce negative vibes and harmful. Despite being very thin (only 1 mm) and ultra-lightweight (13 gr.just, in measure 42), this Anti-Shock System Shock absorbing retains all the properties of cushioning that made the celebrityof NOENE

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